How Giftsoc Works

Giftsoc provides a website where family members (and other groups) can exchange gifts online privately.

Getting Started

  1. Create an Account
  2. Login
  3. Add Wish Ideas to your Soc. Ways to Wish!
  4. Start or Join a Gift Exchange

Ways to Wish!

  1. Quick Add

    Add a wish to your Soc whenever you see this icon...
  2. Share-to-Soc

    A super convenient feature which lets you share a product link by email or text. Just browse your favorite website store or shopping app. When you find something you like, look for share text or icons...    

    Continue to text/message/email to our dedicated wish number or email address. Your wish will magically appear in your Soc! Get started

  3. Add a Wish to a Gift Exchange Soc

    Lot's of ways. 4 to be exact!..

    1. While viewing a Gift Exchange, click the 'Add Wish' button, select option to add a new wish.
    2. While viewing a Gift Exchange, click the 'Add Wish' button, select option to include an existing wish from your main Soc.
    3. While viewing your Soc, click the update button, choose to include wishes in a gift exchange, and select the wishes you want to include.
    4. Click the edit icon on any wish, select desired gift exchanges at the bottom of the form.
  4. Wish from Soc Shop

    We have a unique set of shops which you can browse to get ideas. Click a product from our Soc Shop and add it directly to your Soc (or your dependent's Soc). Go shopping

What makes up a wish? Take a look at our wish features

What's in a Wish?

  • All the standard stuff...
    • Name of your wish (required)
    • Ranking: How bad do you want this wish? (1-just kinda, 5-really really want it! Defaults to 1 star.)
    • Price (optional)
    • Quantity (defaults to 1)
    • Additional info (optional)
    • Image (scroll to choose)
  • Web address: After adding, click to pull info from that website right into the form.
  • Who's Soc? Choose yourself or a dependent.
  • Who will see it? Choose one or more gift exchange events, or choose none to keep it private.

What is a Soc?

A *Soc is a wish list for each member of your family or group. You have a Soc where all your wishes are kept, and a Soc for each gift exchange event you belong to.

A Wish is a gift idea which will go into your Soc. Each wish can be 1) Private for just you to see or; 2) Shown to other members in one or more gift exchange events

* A Soc is a term we coined to represent the traditional Holiday "sock" or Christmas stocking, and the "social" nature of getting together in a fun gift-giving environment.

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