Giftsoc Tips

  • Customize each gift to each event! Show only those items you choose to show within each event.
  • For celebrations such as birthdays and baby showers, you can use Giftsoc in addition to your regular party invitations. Include a card in the birthday or shower invitation that says "If you need some gift ideas, (Honoree's name) has completed a wish list at . You will soon receive an emailed invitation to join that event."
  • If you are sending all of your party invitations through Giftsoc, consider including wording that says something like: "Any gift you decide to give will be greatly appreciated, but if you need some additional gift ideas, you can look at (Honoree's) giftsoc. Thank you so much."
  • To add gifts to your child's soc (or other dependent), you must switch users to that child's account. Then go to their soc and click on Add Gift to start adding items.