What is a giftsoc?

A giftsoc is a wish list of items you hope to receive. These can include a store bought item, a home-made present, a charitable donation, anything you would like to receive as a gift. Each listing can include the item's description, price, website link and a personal comment. You can also use the handy search tool to find and link to a specific item.

What is an event?

An event is the occasion you are celebrating and the place where your family/group can join together to view each others' socs. The event guests can socialize by commenting on the event 'soc talk' page.

There are 2 ways to participate in an event...

  • As an event manager: You create an event, such as "The Johnson Family Christmas" or "Danny's birthday." Then you send invitations via email, asking guests to join your event.
  • As a guest: You will receive the invitation. You can accept and become a Giftsoc member, if you aren't one already, and join the event.

How do I join an event if I am already a member?

Events are private. A giftsoc member must be invited to an event by the event manager.

What types of events can I create?

There are 2 types of events...

  • Gift Exchange Event: Allows all guests to see each others' soc - appropriate for holiday and company events.
  • Guest of Honor Event: Lets guests view only the soc of the recipient - appropriate for birthdays and showers.

What is the purpose of a giftsoc?

The purpose of a giftsoc is to make your shopping easier. You can view and shop for items from the socs that are visible in your event. Shopping can be done in secrecy; items that have been reserved for you will not be displayed on your own soc. You can comment on the items in your own soc and each other's soc. For example, you can ask questions of the soc owner or just spark a conversation among the family/group.

Can I manage my child's soc?

Yes, you can create and manage socs for your children, spouses, or other dependents. In addition, you can add or delete dependent accounts from currently active events.